Being helpful to the client

What do we value?

Being helpful to the client

Being helpful means making decisions that benefit the client and their business. It means proposing creative solutions to solve the client’s issue within the business constraints. It means asking “How can I help?” every day.

See how we behave

Our behavior towards the client is similar to how a doctor would treat a patient. Doctors get to the bottom of the patient’s issue before advising a drug. Doctors do not prescribe painkillers just because the patient asks them to. Doctors proceed with the most efficient solution to cure the sickness, even if the cure is a painful shot.

Every member of the Uniqubic team treats their client as a patient. At the same time, our clients treat us as experts. This trusting relationship lets us get to the bottom of the client’s business need — and address it.

Being helpful lets us advance the client’s business with fewer resources and time. For instance, we recommend an off-the-shelf solution if the client does not need custom software. We choose the most suitable programming language for the job, even if it is not trendy on the market.

Why bother? Because we enjoy being <span class='text-gradient'>helpful.</span>

Why bother? Because we enjoy being helpful.

We enjoy working on complex tasks that require creative solutions. We love bringing up new ideas the client has not considered. We work for that aha moment — and a satisfied smile from the client. You probably already got it, but we enjoy engineering.
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We show our value in action

Our Sales Managers offer off-the-shelf solutions to the client if they do not need custom software.
Our Software Engineers learn a new programming language if it suits the client’s project.
Our QA Engineers always speak up about bugs so that the client launches a quality product.
Our DevOps Engineers design innovative infrastructure that requires minimum support.
Our Recruiters decline a talented engineer’s candidacy if they do not share our values.
Our Business Analysts interview the client multiple times until they get a good grasp of the issue.

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