Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services

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With more than eight years in the software quality assurance and testing business, Uniqubic's helped hundreds of customers bring software products to market with superior quality. We can proudly say “Made by Uniqubic” because we know that Uniqubic means quality. The products we are creating for our customers are the true reflection of our culture, our great people who care of the result, and effective partnerships that we build with every client. We take pride in our approach to software design and development, and it is important to us to maintain our reputation and serve as the role model for the industry. That’s why we take our software quality assurance service so seriously.
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Uniqubic conducts independent software QA services for third-party apps and solutions. From functionality to security, your stakeholders can rest assured our quality assurance testing has every aspect of your project covered. With Uniqubic as your software testing service provider, you can sit back, relax, and focus on your business while we deliver the software.
Functionality testing from Uniqubic is designed so your application can run quickly and flawlessly. Whatever your goal, we'll figure out how to achieve it.
Uniqubic thinks about your users and exactly how they'll interact with your application. Our exhaustive analysis identifies potential errors, confusing designs, and performance flaw — as well as the solutions these issues will require.
Uniqubic QA engineers are security experts. We'll complete a comprehensive assessment to identify system vulnerabilities, provide critical recommendations, and dramatically improve your application's security.
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Can your application handle the stress of scaling? Uniqubic’s software testing processes will identify how much use your application can take and determine what, if anything, is slowing it down. And when it’s time to scale up, we’ll keep testing in order to prevent anything from causing product failure as you grow. We'll also provide a comprehensive report of our findings to help you make the best decisions for your business.
Our QA specialists will test your application's full compatibility with different browsers, databases, resolution displays, and devices. We will inspect how hardware and server infrastructures impact your software.

Our Clients

At Uniqubic, we measure our success by your success. There's no room for subpar quality in the software industry, so we ensure our customers' applications comply with the most rigorous standards. With Uniqubic as a technology partner, you can focus on what matters most: your business.

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Why Choose Uniqubic

  • Expertise Our team members have diverse technology stack experience, and our customers come from diverse industries. Whatever the problem, we can solve it efficiently.
  • Value Uniqubic’s primary principle is bringing value to our customers. By ensuring your application's superior quality, Uniqubic ensures its superior value in the market.
  • Transparency We believe that strong business relationships are built on trust and reliability. That's why Uniqubic offers fair, transparent pricing at every stage of your project.
  • Scalability Uniqubic's team of more than 250 expert engineers can scale any project. Save overhead, time, and stress with our QA services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should quality assurance and software development be kept separate?

Quality assurance is a service that accompanies every software development process. The purpose of QA is to check the developers' code and reveal any issues, deficiencies, or discrepancies. It is more effective to use a quality assurance team that did not have a hand in the original development, because they can bring an objective perspective to the project. Keeping software development and QA separate enables a higher quality end product.

What is the normal ratio between quality assurance and coding?

The industry standard is to invest one hour of quality assurance for every three hours of coding. However, this ratio can vary considerably based on the complexity of the application.

What is the difference between quality assurance and quality control in software development?

While the two concepts may seem similar, there are some key differences. Quality assurance ensures the development process is progressing in line with requirements or specifications, while quality control is focused on the end product, checking its quality against designed parameters. The goal of both activities is to address any mistakes made during production phase.
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