To advance the software engineering industry

Our mission is

To advance the software engineering industry

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What’s wrong with the industry today?

The software engineering industry is young and immature.

The industry produces software whose quality depends on the individual developers’ performance, not industry-wide processes.

Software engineering companies often rely on processes that exist only inside individual project teams. While they may work well for these teams, they’re not standardized, and they’re not documented. So, when the engineers rotate between the teams or leave the company, the processes disappear and the quality of the products begins to decline. 

What does a mature industry look like?

A mature industry has universal, standardized processes and standards that guarantee the quality of service.

An example of a mature industry is aerospace engineering. When you land a plane, you trust your life to a company that has built that plane, because you know that that company followed all the right processes—not some checklist they made up themselves. You do not worry about a specific engineer who put the parts of your plane together. You know the plane will fly safely because the aircraft construction company controls its processes and standards.

Because of these standards, a mature industry is able to earn its clients’ trust.

Why do we need to advance the software engineering industry?

We believe that a mature software engineering industry will benefit its clients, engineering teams, and software engineering companies. A mature industry will let us implement more world-changing software ideas. In addition, advancing the industry will enable us to democratize access to software engineering, making these game-changing technologies available to more people and companies.

Ultimately, a mature industry will advance businesses, technology, and the quality of everyone’s lives.

How will a mature industry benefit its clients?

Companies that order custom software are often dissatisfied with the service. Our industry fails most of its projects, and we think it happens because the industry is immature.

A mature software engineering industry will deliver affordable and reliable custom software to its clients more quickly. Businesses will see custom software as a wise investment, and they’ll order custom software solutions to develop their business.

How will a mature industry benefit software engineering companies?

When more businesses decide to build custom software, software engineering companies will attract more clients with more interesting projects, leading to more revenue.

How will a mature industry benefit software engineering teams?

In an immature industry, software engineering teams work in chaos. They spend too much of their limited time communicating with the client and the team, solving conflicts, fixing bugs, and desperately trying to meet deadlines.

A mature software engineering industry will let teams work more productively. Engineers will not need to spend time establishing and supporting processes that are unique to each team and project they work on. Rather, they will be free to utilize their time actually doing their job: building complex custom software.

How does Uniqubic achieve its goal?

We have created DaVinci: a platform dedicated to improving Uniqubic’s processes across the entire organization. In DaVinci, we accumulate the experience of individual teams and create scalable processes to implement across the company. This work will empower us to build software of higher quality and lower price compared to other software engineering companies. We invest 10 percent of all company resources into DaVinci, and we’ve already seen tangible, measurable results.

We hope that this level of competition encourages other software engineering companies to improve their processes, too.

As more and more software engineering companies on the market guarantee the quality of their service through initiatives like this, the industry will mature to the benefit of companies and clients alike.