Custom Healthcare Software Development

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Secure software solutions to enhance user experience in the new, digital landscape

Who is Uniqubic? So glad you asked!
In today’s digital world, healthcare companies are juggling rigorous internal processes, strict regulatory requirements, and growing patient expectations for convenient, transparent, and personal interactions with medical professionals. At Uniqubic, we partner with these companies to develop the healthcare custom software solutions they need to improve every aspect of patient care.

Healthcare Software Development Services

Services for Developing Healthcare Software Crafting personalized healthcare applications and medical software offers a potent approach to streamline laborious and error-susceptible backend operations. This results in cost savings, enhanced patient journeys, and bolstered assistance to medical experts in delivering exceptional care consistently. Uniqubic's proficient healthcare software development team comprehends the critical factors influencing healthcare enterprises. Our secure, HIPAA-compliant software solutions not only mitigate risks but also facilitate improved results for both the organization and its patients.

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Whether it's simple applications or intricate systems, we design custom software that aligns with the distinct operational needs of our clients. Our aim is to enable them to establish connections and provide optimal support to their customers.

Medical Software Maintenance

Our collaboration doesn't conclude upon the deployment of your new application. Instead, we remain dedicated to managing any required refinements both now and down the line.

Legacy Software Modernization

Our software modernization services cater to a range of entities, spanning from medical practices to insurance firms. We elevate outdated systems to align with cutting-edge technology, incorporating the latest features and enhancing operational efficiencies.

Healthcare Software Consultation

Uncertain about whether a tailored software solution suits your healthcare institution? Our team of business analysts and developers is enthusiastic about delving into your objectives, challenges, and requirements. We are here to offer consultation on whether a web or mobile application aligns as the suitable answer for your enterprise.

Healthcare Software
Development Process

Uniqubic Development Process Uniqubic Development Process
  • Discovery

    We start by working closely with our clients to understand business processes, workflows, challenges, and goals so we can create a comprehensive list of application features, requirements, and technical specs.

  • Prototyping

    To be sure our vision is aligned with our client’s, we use what we’ve learned in discovery to build a prototype—a visualization that starts to bring the software solution and its user experience to life for your team.

  • Development

    Once we are aligned on the vision for the product, the development process begins. We use an agile approach that enables us to deliver usable iterations of the application on a regular basis, adding layer upon layer of complexity until the project is complete.

  • Quality Assurance

    Quality assurance happens in tandem with development, as a separate team thoroughly tests every line of code to ensure it functions as it should and ensures any bugs are fixed prior to delivery and integration.

  • Integration

    Once your new front-end application is ready to deploy, we work with your team to “start the engines,” ensuring it integrates seamlessly with other systems in use and operates exactly as it should.

  • Maintenance

    Whether real-life usage of the software reveals necessary adjustments or your growing business could benefit from additional features down the road, Uniqubic’s team is on call to support the performance of your new application even after implementation.

Our Healthcare Solutions

Medical Software Development outstanding examples:

Electronic health records for a single patient can extend beyond 100 pages, and the fragmented, inaccessible nature of this data poses a significant challenge for clinicians in harnessing all available insights to enhance patient care. Our client sought a resolution to these issues, and we developed a bespoke platform that allowed them to extract clinical insights from patients' electronic health records, while also addressing the data-related bottlenecks within the patient care workflows. — electronic medical record.

A client engaged Uniqubic to assist in developing a web-accessible software-as-a-service application. The goal was to offer stakeholders involved in formulary decision-making a resource that's not only efficient, scalable, and user-friendly, but also gathers drug-related data from various sources into one comprehensive interface. Through a simple process, the platform swiftly compiles up-to-date, reliable content from reputable sources. This empowers clinical pharmacists to concentrate on the essential drug evaluation tasks, freeing them from mundane data entry. — drug reviews automation tool.

This user-friendly application facilitates a connection between teeth-whitening service providers and potential customers. By presenting information from accredited businesses on a map according to the user's geographical location, individuals can conveniently select a provider and book appointments online. Simultaneously, service providers can effectively introduce themselves to potential customers. — expert teeth whitening network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you developing mobile healthcare applications?

Yes! We know that, in today’s always-on, always-connected world, patients and providers alike need to be able to access healthcare content and activities on any device, anywhere. Mobile apps are a must-have for medical companies today, and Uniqubic’s team is proud to deliver.

Learn more about Uniqubic’s mobile application development services.

What are the advantages of healthcare applications?

Transparency, efficiency, and security are paramount in providing effective healthcare, and custom applications go a long way in eliminating silos, minimizing manual data management and recordkeeping, and ensuring every bit of patient information is secure. Additionally, web and mobile healthcare applications allow practitioners and patients easier access to the medical data and activities they need, anytime and from any device. This empowers medical professionals to provide better care, and it enables patients to feel more in control even when they’re at their most vulnerable.

What’s the future of healthcare software development?

As the healthcare sector works toward focusing on prevention and early treatment, it’s paramount that providers and patients build relationships based on trust and open communication. By improving efficiency and transparency in both front- and back-office healthcare processes — freeing providers to actually provide care — the right medical software can put humans back at the center of healthcare, enabling patients to take charge of their health and healthcare professionals to support patients more effectively.

What are the most important qualities of healthcare software?

Healthcare software, at its most effective, accomplishes a variety of things:

  • Automates tedious, error-prone back-office workflows
  • Gives providers and patients easy access to useful medical insights
  • Is 100% HIPAA compliant to maintain patient privacy
  • Helps healthcare companies meet and exceed their most critical patient care goals

Why does HIPAA compliance matter?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is dedicated to protecting patients’ sensitive health information. Healthcare companies must have the right security measures in place throughout every facet of their organization—software included—to keep this information secure. Violating HIPAA violates patient trust, but it also exposes the company to legal and financial consequences. So, finding a software developer with real expertise in HIPAA compliance is critical to minimizing risk and liability.

How can I estimate how much the software will cost?

Custom software development prices vary from $15,000 to $250,000 or more, based on a variety of factors.

How can we be sure of the quality of your work?

Every Uniqubic application undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process, with a separate team vetting every line of code to ensure it functions exactly as it should. We value total transparency at Uniqubic, and we work closely with our clients throughout the development process to ensure they’re confident in the solution we’re creating every step of the way. We’re confident in our expertise, but what matters to us most is that you are, too.

Contact us to learn more about how Uniqubic can help your business achieve its every goal!

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