Uniqubic Are Fintech Developers

Uniqubic Are Fintech Developers

Secure software solutions to enhance user experience in the new, digital landscape

For banks, financial advisors, brokerages, insurance companies, payment providers, and any other financial company, a custom software solution is a powerful way to optimize front- and back-office processes, giving your team the tools it needs to succeed and providing customers with more control over their financial endeavors than ever before.
Advantages of Investing in Custom Financial Software Development
In today’s world of digital transformation, financial services companies are juggling a variety of critical demands:
  • Heightened regulatory standards
  • Sky-high data security requirements
  • Increased risk of attack
  • Growing customer expectations for connectivity, transparency, flexibility, and a seamless user experience
Why Choose Uniqubic as your Custom Financial Software Development Services Partner?
Uniqubic’s expert business analysts and developers partner with financial services companies to develop the software solutions they need to achieve that frictionless experience with world-class security.
Our Services
From database management to mobile applications, Uniqubic’s team of software engineers are ready to create custom solutions to streamline every area of your financial services business.
Many companies are not yet getting the most from their technology
Only 44% say finance is well equipped to produce meaningful business analysis and reporting
To take full advantage of automation, our finance functions will need to develop new skill sets and capabilities
With the rapid pace of change, companies must be able to use data to drive success
Many expect that the increasing complexity and volume of data will make it much more difficult to translate data into swift and decisive action
And even more say their companies need to develop or acquire capabilities in advanced analytics that they don’t have today
Better use of sophisticated technology will enable finance to achieve strategic goals
Raise finance’s importance within the organization
Get finance more involved with operating or business and more time for higher-value work
Our FinTech Technologies
Uniqubic is more than a vendor. Our dedicated team of developers and business analysts are ready to partner with you to implement the custom solutions that streamline your operations and empower you to focus on the core of your business.

Our Financial Software
Development Process

Uniqubic Development Process Uniqubic Development Process
  • Idea

    Before we do anything else, we want to learn all about your idea. We start by having you tell us, in detail, about your vision for the software. What business goals are you hoping it will help you achieve?

  • Business analysis

    Then, we learn about your business. What processes are you currently using to work toward your top goals? What’s working well, and where are the logjams or obstacles that are slowing you down? How should the new software fit into or replace current processes and workflows?

  • UI design / prototyping

    To be sure our vision is aligned with our client’s, we use what we’ve learned to build a prototype—a visualization that starts to bring the software solution and its user experience to life for your team.

  • Development

    Once we are aligned on the vision for the product, the development process begins. We use an agile approach—including ongoing quality assurance processes—that enables us to deliver usable iterations of the application on a regular basis, adding layer upon layer of complexity until the project is complete.

  • Testing

    Before a line of code goes live, we work with our clients to ensure the platform is working exactly as it should—and to repair bugs, solve problems, or upgrade features as necessary.

  • Deployment

    Before a line of code goes live, we work with our clients to ensure the platform is working exactly as it should—and to repair bugs, solve problems, or upgrade features as necessary.

  • Maintenance and support

    Whether real-life usage of the software reveals necessary adjustments or your growing business could benefit from additional features down the road, Uniqubic’s team is on call to support the performance of your new application even after implementation.

Considerations for Financial Software

There’s a lot to consider when planning out new software for finance companies. As your development partner, we’re with you every step of the way, pairing our business and software development expertise with your deep knowledge of your industry and your specific business needs. Here are just a few of the decisions we’ll make together:

Software Type

Will this new software support the front end or the back end (or both)? Do you need a web application or a mobile application? An e-commerce platform? Communication portal? We’ll help you identify the perfect software structure to meet your financial organization’s needs.

User-Focused Features

Who is the end user for your product? Is it your internal team? Customers who are already financial wizards? Customers who are new to the world of money management? Tech-savvy users or users who may need a little more help navigating digital banking? We work with you to understand your audience and design a solution that works for them.

The Right Tech Stack

The right combination of technologies is different for every project. From ensuring your platform is responsive on all devices to incorporating the data management, design, and customization features that mean the most to you, we look for the perfect tech stack for every project.

Security Features

The security and regulatory compliance of a financial organization’s systems can make or break its reputation—and its bottom line. We understand what’s at stake, and we keep security top of mind through every step of the development process.

Contact us to learn more about how Uniqubic can help your business achieve its every goal!

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