About Uniqubic

About Uniqubic

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What is Uniqubic?

Who we are
Uniqubic is a India based custom software engineering company, headquartered in Delhi. Our core values are unparalleled quality, effective communication, and transparent pricing.

Centers of Excellence

Quality Assurance

Strict quality control is one of the pillars of our quality solutions. Quality Assurance division operates independently, providing services both within Uniqubic and for our external customers as a separate service.

Uniqubic Engineering

Uniqubic Engineering

Our engineering team uses platforms and cutting-edge methods to deliver robust, reliable, and the utmost effective software solutions, adding value for our customers for years to come.

Uniqubic Academy

Uniqubic Academy

We continuously maintain and improve the qualifications of our employees, by adding learning process to their vast practical experience. The majority of our engineers know a few technologies at least, and use all technology novelties in their work.

Product Development

We have a separate division responsible for building software products from A to Z, adding value on each of the elements in this process. We help transform businesses of our customer via superior consulting and software development services, making them competitive in the digital age.

Our advantages
Uniqubic is a client-oriented company with a "service" attitude. We are at your service. We can lead or follow. Our main goal is to maintain the highest quality standards and the best practices in today's IT market.

What sets us
apart in numbers

Our lean, global business model translates to the highest-quality products and experiences at the efficient costs for our customers. See how the numbers set us ahead of competition.
We in numbers


In most cases, our customers choose a long-term partnership with Uniqubic. We not only create the products, but also offer continuous maintenance, and further enhancement of all projects that are in our service.
We in numbers


Uniqubic has reached the point of 250 engineers as our permanent employees in all our offices, adding new amazing people to our team every month. With such a great team and our accumulated expertise, only the sky is the limit for us!
We in numbers


We create amazing software products for more than 20 various branches of the economy, and we are proud to see how our work adds value to the businesses of our customers every day.
We in numbers


Uniqubic works with many industries, but because we have several major groups of customers, representing certain areas, we formed centers of competence in Finance, Healthcare, Energy, where our engineers accumulate their knowledge and experience.
Contact us to learn more about how Uniqubic can help your business achieve its every goal!

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